Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Last Month of AIM

The Final Month!
The month of June marked my final month of my AIM field time. It was a packed month ending with some hard goodbyes with the amazing people i have been blessed to know in my months spent in Grass Valley. Thank you all who gave your support and encouragement to me through my duration of the AIM program. It was a well worth experiance that I am so thankful to have had.

Also the new AIMer Chelsea Day arrived and is doing just great!

Horses For Healing
The horses for healing program had their annual benefit show this month. It was a lot of work but turned out great! We had acts from all the the state come and perform to raise money for the program. I volunteered as the directors assistant. So ran around directing the performers, telling them when they went out in the arena, and helping things run smoothly. We had a packed house and raised quite a bit of money for this program.

I also had to say my goodbyes at the ranch. I became really close with a lot of the workers and plan on keeping in touch with them. It was a sad goodbye but such a rewarding opportunity for me. It got the workers familiar with the church and i pray future AIMers can keep this ministry up.

Nursing Home
My last few times with Dona were just great. We crocheted our hearts out this month! This little lady became so very dear to me we were both in tears saying goodbye. Chealsea, the new Grass Valley AIMer, is continuing to go and visit Dona and has made friends with the workers there as well.

Thursday Studies
The final Thursday morning study that i have attend reguraly was really encouraging. The first time i ever went we had about 6 people. There were 12 on this past time. Doubled in size! This has been a great outreach. Pat and Harry who are a couple that attend started coming the church because of this study.

College Devo
The College Devo on Thursday evening continues to bring in a large group each week. This started about a month after my arrival and i pray continues long after i depart.

Going Away Party
The Church threw a going away party for me. It was really great to have everyone i grew to love gathered in the same place one last time. We spent the day talking, playing volleyball, and enjoying the last bit of time i had with everyone.

Thank you to everyone!
Thank you all who have been beside me on this journey. You are all dear to my heart and i could not have done this without you. My plans are to return to the University of Texas and continue my studies. This has been a great adventure and I am so thankful you all could be a part of it.

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  1. Dear Lil Cus!
    It encourages me so much to witness your love for serving God and seeing how He blesses you and how truly happy you are. A life of discipline as a disciple and truly loved by The Lord. I only want to be an example so my kids will know this freedom and joy!
    I think it is not a mistake that my little time on the computer I got to see your blog that was only posted yesterday! Encouraging!! XOX
    Georgia Hunter-Witkowski