Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Im in Italy!

Hey guys!

So after a long wait, the Italy team finally made it here. We arrived on June 9th in Bologna and our coordinator, Mike Mahan, picked us up and drove us to our final destination in Prato, Italy. The first few weeks here we have been spending a lot of time getting things in order. Filling out papers, setting up our house, grocery shopping, becoming familiar with the town, etc. Our coordinators are Mike and his wife Anto. They have two children, a boy and girl.

Mike and Anto are involed in a Choir located out of Pistoia, a town not to far from us. Most of our nights since we have been here were filled with practicing for the upcoming concert. All the money raised from the concert goes towards building a library in Nigeria. The concert took place this past Sunday with a pretty good turn out. It was fun getting to learn songs in Italian!

On Monday we had our first Italian lesson. The next few months our focus will be learning the language so we can communicate without pointing at things or playing charades! Every one is really friendly here and helpful to us. The church meets downtown and is about 20 or so people. Its a small church but the people are really dedicated and you can see Christ through them. I am really blessed to have this opportunity to be here. I am changing and growing everyday and am learning to depend on God more than ever before. Thanks for all the support and encouragement back home. Love you guys and will keep you posted!