Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Horses for Healing
I have been working with this program for a few months now. It has been such a great opportunity. This again, is a theraputic riding program. I assist special needs children in their therapy through horse back riding. I am at the ranch two days a week. This has also opened doors for me with the other workers. Marcy, who is the therapist at the ranch, and i have become good friends. Shes taken me trail riding and has been really interested in what i am doing and curious about the church. Another lady, Gail, has recently asked me if the church will pray for a situation in her family. My relationship with these wonderful ladies will hopefully plant a seed in their hearts. This is by far my favorite time of the week.

Nursing Home
Dona, as i have mentioned, is a darling little lady that resides at the local nursing home. I go and visit her about twice a week to crochet and talk about life. We both have been really encouraged by one another. Recently we got her a cd player and her and I have been crocheting our hearts out to classic western music. She is a Texan native to, so hearing her accent makes me feel right at home.

Ladies Tuesday Morning Study
Tuesday morning i have continued to attend the ladies study at the church. I am quite literally the only young adult there, so being asked to teach has been an honor for me. We just closed up the study for the summer this past week and they asked me to teach the final class. We went through the book Power Points for New Life.

Oregon Youth Rally
This past month Eli, Kira, Brittany, Erika, and myself headed up to Oregon for the annual Rally on the Rock youth rally. This is a three day youth rally that Eli goes to every year to speak at.
He asked us to come along to help be supervisors and leaders during the weekend. This was a great weekend with lots of good lessons, fun activities, and bonding between the youth of Oregon.

Thursday Bible Study
I am still continuing to attend the Thursday morning Bible study at the Hughes house. This study brings in folks that are not a part of the church but looking for answers and a time of fellowship for us all. It is a good start to the morning.

San Francisco Trip
This was probably the biggest event for me in May. I planned and organized a trip for the young girls of the church. It took place in San Francisco. This was a big task to take on but it turned out great. The theme was The Amazing Race. I set up a photo scavenger hunt for the girls around the Pier 39 area of the city. Everyone had an amazing time and wanted to make it an annual event. We even had shirts made to feel more official! All the girls really bonded and got to know others that they had never really talked to before. Also the people of the city definintely noticed the hoard of girls sprinting through the streets and thought it was a really neat thing we were doing. I planned a lot to where the items needed to be found would have to have human interaction so we could maybe have an impact on the city and be more meaningful of a trip. It turned out just great!

College Devo
Last month we started a weekly college devotional. This takes place Thursday nights. We have on average about 12 people each week. There is a dinner before and then a study following.

Girls Study
Its important for girls and guys to get together on their own and talk about our victories as well as struggles. We had our first girls study this past month and will continue to have one atleast twice a month.

Love you all so much and thak you again for your support. I have just a short time left here and will be returning home soon. Pray for me as i finish my time here!

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